12 steps you can take to go Instagram viral

Becoming Instagram viral

Instagram has over 2 billion active users and all of those users look for cool and fun content. Creating Content on Instagram for creators used to be a hassle, but now the addition of reels and their recent affinity for creators makes going Instagram Viral possible again.

Some of the most famous self-made Instagram influencers are Khaby Lame with almost 79 million followers and Bretman Rock with over 29 million followers. Singers and TV stars such as Kim Kardashian with 339 million followers and Ariana Grande with 347 million are also very popular.

What does it mean to go viral on Instagram?

If your content spreads quickly through the platform, then your content is viral. the best way to gain more followers and go viral today on Instagram is through reels, which are the type of content that gets shared quickly and Instagram promotes them over all other types.
But what factors determine if your content is viral?

The 4 factors apart from quality content that determine your content’s virality are:

  1. The number of unique users reached
  2. The Number of likes on the post
  3. The Number of shares
  4. The lifetime duration of the content

But, being famous on Instagram needs more than just a huge fanbase. You need to be regular to keep your fans and followers engaged.

Instagram virality

Tips on making your Instagram posts & videos viral

Maximize your chances of going viral :

Bring out your personality

Define your personal brand on Instagram. This will help to boost your content’s status positively.

Understand your audience.

To make a viral Instagram video you need to target the right audience. Understand your audience to make relatable content that will make your reels viral quickly.

Define your goals.

Define clear goals to measure the success of your viral Instagram reels. Your goals should be realistic and also measurable.

Create a unique voice/presence.

If you want viral videos consistently, you need to have a unique and consistent voice.The best Instagram viral reels have a clear point of view but are also superb in visuals.

Be creative.

Instagram is a creative & visual platform. The best videos are creative in how they are produced and are also visually appealing.

Harness analytics

Increase the reach of your content.

Use hashtags, keywords, and calls to action. This will boost the visibility of your post tremendously.

Track Instagram trends.

Instagram trends change rapidly. Use trending music to boost your video reach.

Track Instagram analytics.

Use various reporting and analysis tools to get information about your audience. This will help you understand who is following you. Tracking your post analytics regularly will help you understand what your audience likes.

Study your competition.

You are not the only creator trying to make their Instagram reels. Study your competitors to see what they are doing to go viral. Competitors can also provide ideas for content that can go viral quickly.

Network for virality :

Be social on Instagram.

Instagram is a social network. Engage with your followers for maximum viral Instagram video success. Comment on and like other posts to additionally create visibility for yourself

Run Instagram contests.

Everyone wants something for free. Run contests, and promotions to instantly make your Instagram reels popular.

Partner with one or more influencers.

Making Instagram viral videos can be expensive. Partner with a popular creator in your niche to draw more exposure to your posts, it additionally reduces the cost of going viral.

Viral on Instagram

What are the benefits of being Instagram viral?

Going viral on Instagram can come with many advantages the main ones being:

It is cost-effective.

Instagram content is low-cost. People spread your content for free, therefore it helps reduce your advertising budget to make your posts viral.

It helps improve your brand awareness.

This is particularly useful for small businesses and start-up companies. Making viral videos can increase awareness of your brand on a much larger scale.

It expands the reach of your content.

Instagram reels can reach beyond your target audience. They also draw in new audiences to promote your content faster. Learn more strategies to go viral here.

In conclusion

Instagram videos need a proper strategy for execution. They define your online personality, but it’s okay that not every single post of yours go viral. To have a long-term content distribution plan is the game. To win this game you also need a very good content distribution strategy.

Hence using creator tools from recognized sources to share your content can make a compelling argument to the algorithm to maximize the virality of your reels and videos. Visit SuperShare to power your content growth and engagement with tools such as SuperBio, Superlinks, and Superstreams.


How do I make my Instagram reel go viral?

Create viral Reels by using the latest music tracks, hashtags, or customized covers. Publish your IG Reel at peak activity hours. Ensure that your reel is promoted suitably.

After how many views is my Instagram video viral?

Your Instagram video’s viral status is typically after 100,000 views. But this can vary depending on your goals, industry, and audience.

Is there a “best time” to post on Instagram?

The best times to post your content depend on your goals, industry, and audience. Research trends in your niche & find when your audience is most likely to visit Instagram. Plan your content calendar accordingly.

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