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Alphayt Gaming reveals the truth about gaming on YouTube

Alphayt Gaming

The world of gaming creators is a vibrant and constantly evolving community. With the rise of platforms like Twitch and YouTube, it has become extremely hard to escape their content. Their communities are a testament to what people can accomplish together. One such creator is Alphayt and his story is an exceptional one.

SuperShare sat down with Alphayt to spotlight his story.

What inspired Alphayt to start Gaming on YouTube?

I’ve been a big fan of YouTube for a long time. Carry Minati was one of my favorite creators and as a gamer myself. Initially, I had no plans to start my own channel. However, I realized that my passion for gaming could make for an interesting channel. So with just a mobile phone, I started streaming for a few hours a day. The COVID lockdown period allowed me to increase my stream time to 16 hours a day. Much to my surprise, my subscribers quickly reached 1,000. Unfortunately, the ban on PUB-G mobile hit me hard but I persevered by assembling my own gaming PC. Despite being left alone by my squad, I pressed on and expanded my horizons by trying new games, connecting with other creators, and carving a place for myself on YouTube. This is how Alphayt Gaming took birth.

I didn’t have a good PC or a setup. So with just a mobile phone, I started streaming.

What according to Alphayt is the most challenging aspect of content creation?

It’s hard to keep the audience interested in your content. If it’s something they don’t like or don’t want to see, then there’s no way you can force them. To solve this, it’s important to keep experimenting to test and see what the audience likes the most.

Alphayt Gaming

Who is the one creator you look up to?

Carry Minati is someone I look up to, yes. But personally, my aim wasn’t and still isn’t to monetize my content and become big. I just have fun while playing games with my friends, so I stream that. I also really admire and enjoy RakaZone Gaming’s content.

What do you think about the tools offered by SuperShare?

Everyone watches YouTube and to be honest, it gets boring after a point. It’s the same UI over and over again. SuperStreams and its attendance feature is something new and unique. Whenever I share it with my viewers, it’s something new for them. I can also see which viewer got how many new people by sharing the link. I also like the feature where you can see which viewer is regular and who is not. I can leverage this information to ask my loyal fans how I can improve. This in turn increased my engagement.

What are your thoughts on India’s creator economy?

I think it’s a growing industry. I don’t think any creator should think about who’s inferior or superior. We’re all equal. I also think that all creators should take constant feedback from their audience to test what works better and what doesn’t.

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