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Avantika Nayak: A Fresh take on Instagram Beauty and Lifestyle

Avantika Nayak

On Instagram, beauty and lifestyle influencers who captivate an audience with their genuine and honest approach to life shine the brightest. One such influencer is Avantika Nayak. She empowers her audience to embrace their unique journey and discover their unique beauty.

Our team at SuperShare to spotlight Avantika in her journey as an Instagram influencer.

Who is Avantika Nayak?

I come from a multilingual family speaking Tulu and Konkani, I did my education in Maharashtra, but I am from Karnataka, Dharwad.

I love presenting myself, I was always a part of the debate and speaking competitions. During covid, I saw the boom in the content space. I thought to myself “why not use my presenting skills digitally?” that’s how it started. Initially, I was posting kuch bhi, but it became serious as my posts started going viral. It became real when I started being introduced to paid collaborations.

Starting out as a non-professional and becoming a full-time influencer is a great feeling. I now work with my favourite brands like Nivia and that makes me really happy.

What inspired Avantika Nayak to start her journey?

I used to watch a lot of french daily life content and it was interesting to see their personality shine through their content. It made me feel like these creators were very approachable and this is something I can see myself doing. I also watched Indian creators like Diipa Büller-Khosla grow successful and start their own skin-care brands which only inspired me more.

What challenges Avantika Nayak?

It is rather surprising when your videos go viral but it is also demotivating when you put a lot of effort into your videos and they dont work as expected. But being a good diligent creator means that you check your insights to grow every month.

Avantika Nayak

How important are to Avatika Nayak?

I love my core fans. They have supported me unconditionally but it is baffling how friends from my hometown see my content. They are surprised that I make any money as a content creator, which is really funny.

But it is important for me to know what my fans like about me, it helps me create better content.

I think fans on Instagram are the most important to me, but I do believe venturing out to LinkedIn and YouTube will be fruitful in the future.

How does Avantika use digital tools like SuperShare?

Creators like Avantika Nayak use digital tools to make the process of content creation and distribution easier. Avantika uses Inshorts and PicsArt, to help her create short Instagram stories quickly.

Avantika makes use of SuperShare’s SuperBio to make her Instagram link-in-bio more interesting.

SuperShare’s parameters and UI UX are very intuitive, the insights they provide are not complicated and make sense to me. I really like the graphs along with the analytics. It helps me understand my audience better so easily.

Final words

I joined the creator economy 2 years ago, when they sent emails with coupons to pay for brand videos, the platform is now different, and you can make money here, all you need to do is get started.

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