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Get the Big Button Experience: Make Your YouTube Links Come to Life with SuperLinks


Picture this: you’re a YouTube creator. And yet again, you find yourself fixated in front of your camera, all by yourself and with a ring light by your side.

You’re recording a new video for your channel. But there’s more on your mind, isn’t it?

‘Is this content good enough?’

‘I hope I get new views this time.’

‘How long must I spend editing this video?’

‘What’s the best time to release this video?’

‘I really hope this video brings me new followers.’

No man ever steps twice in the same river. Similarly, no two content creators feel the same about content creation. For some, it’s the only source of livelihood, and for others, it’s a labor of love. Some content creators want more new subscribers, and some want more views. Some want more sales, and some even want them all. Clearly, video goals are of many kinds. And with a rise in the number of content creators, achieving these goals is not easy.

Introducing SuperLinks

SuperLinks makes your viewers do what you want them to by giving them a big button, right in their face. With this actionable and fun button in the middle of the screen, give your audience a better viewing experience. Every YouTuber has different video goals, and you can customize the button according to the same.

Grow subscribers with the big subscribe button.

Boost Shares with the big share button.

Grow revenue with the shop while watching button.

Upgrade your viewers’ experience from the regular, mundane viewing experience. Give them a big button, make them come back for more. SuperLinks nudge the audience towards actions that help you achieve your video goals. YouTubers can reach their video goals not only better but also faster.

Give your viewers an upgrade from the regular, mundane viewing experience. With the big button, make viewers come back for this powerhouse of a UX. SuperLinks nudge the audience towards actions that help you achieve your video goals. YouTubers can reach their video goals not only better but also faster.

Dive deeper into the SuperLinks technology

How to achieve all your content creation dreams, one goal at a time.

Grow your subscribers

Consider this scenario: an unsubscribed viewer is watching your video and thinks, “Hey, I like what I’m seeing.” I’ll subscribe to their content first thing after this video ends.’ But then, they forget about it when the video ends. What if they could subscribe to you while watching the video? This is where a SuperLink helps, by throwing a big subscribe button right in your viewer’s face in the middle of the video. Let your viewers enjoy the video while they subscribe to you—effortlessly.

Boost Shares

A big, prominent share button is inserted on the screen right next to the video. This encourages viewers to share the video as they watch it, making it a quick and seamless sharing experience.

Grow revenues with 5x conversions

Oftentimes, when people are watching a YouTube video, they end up forgetting about the products talked about in the video. People are too lazy to look up the product, even if they would’ve been interested in buying it. With SuperLinks, you get a pop-up of the shopping link inside the video. Viewers can click on the link at the very point when they’re talking about the product in the video. This makes it easier for people to shop while watching, giving them an uninterrupted viewing experience. And for you, it enhances your revenues from affiliate sales, products, courses, or merchandise. It’s a win-win!

Launch better on YouTube

Why share the old boring YouTube link when you can upgrade your ways and share a SuperLink audience instead? Find prominent subscribe, share and shop buttons right next to the video. All these users- delight-oriented features are guaranteed to get viewers hooked to the SuperLinks experience.

What creators say about SuperLinks

Invest Aaj for Kal

Invest Aaj for Kal increased their affiliate sales and saw a 10x increase in shares by using SuperLinks.

“SuperLinks are extremely interactive for my audience to view content.“


Mukul Agarwal

Mukul Agarwal increased their affiliate sales by 12% using SuperLink.

“The big button has helped me drive more value from affiliate links. SuperLinks are extremely interactive for my audience to view content.“



Prashant Singh aka BeastStats, achieved their highest ever views on a YouTube video premier 22% increase by using a SuperLink. They pinned SuperLink and played the sharing game.



How to grow subscribers on YouTube?

One such technology is SuperLinks, a tool that very smartly motivates viewers to click on the “subscribe” button. This happens by displaying an inviting subscribe button prominently on the screen without interfering with the video-watching experience. This makes for an overall fun user experience that viewers would want to see more often.

How to boost shares?

Another superpower of SuperLinks is making the viewers share the video. This is achieved through a better placement of the share button, right next to the video. This instantaneous and simultaneous experience of watching & sharing makes viewers remember it.

How to increase sales?

Imagine SuperLinks as your friendly money-minting machine. By allowing viewers to shop while watching, SuperLinks allows viewers to multitask. When the creator in the video introduces a product they are selling—be it a course, merchandise, gadget, lifestyle, beauty, or anything really—a link to the product appears on the screen. Viewers can open this without pausing the video, giving them a smooth, time saver experience.

Create SuperLinks in 5 simple steps

1: Log in with your Phone number / Google account
2: Paste the desired link you wish to convert and make sure it is embeddable.
3: Choose the type of SuperLink based on your goals
4: Add a custom call to action message (optional)
5: Create your SuperLink

and that’s it! You can now share it across platforms.

More from SuperShare

The way content creators use technology is changing. Alongside hardware chips for storing big data and cool new shooting tools, there are also digital technologies on the list, like SuperLinks by SuperShare. SuperLinks help you share your YouTube content to drive better goals & conversions with the help of a big button. It’s a revolutionary way to reach video goals—better and faster—and that’s why every content creator should use SuperLinks.


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SuperShare is the destination for creators to boost content growth with powerful tools and for fans to connect with creators on the ssup app.

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