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“Good videos require commitment, not a miracle, just like your skin”: Shruti Amin

Shruti Amin

SuperShare believes that every YouTube creator builds a universe of their own. Shruti Amin started with a bang that came with her passion for makeup & beauty.

Who is Shruti Amin?

Shruthi Amin is a budding beauty and lifestyle YouTube creator with over 60k+ subscribers. Her colourful persona, skincare advice, and makeup tutorials have captivated audiences across the country.

We at SuperShare hope to shine a light on the unique stories behind the creative process, and Shruti deserves this spotlight.

Beauty and lifestyle creators like Shruti have become a powerful driving force in the entertainment industry and captivate audiences around the country. Her content inspires many women across India to chase their dreams.

What makes Shruti Amin unique?

Shruti is also an engineer and loves to dance, but her passion for beauty and glam is undeniable. She passionately provides wellness advice and inspires the world with her self-expression. And it’s not just the final product of her content that is seen. We can see the dedication and hard work that go into it. She spends a lot of time using their talents to inspire, innovate, and create something meaningful.

How does Shruti make use of SuperShare?

Shruti benefits from tools that allow her to stand out with her content and appeal to her audience better. She uses SuperShare’s Affiliate Superlinks to boost her Affiliate link revenue.

As a creator using YouTube to the best of his ability, Shruthi Amin inspires self-expression as a vital force of the revolution in India’s growing creator economy.

We at SuperShare are excited to see what her journey holds.

Subscribe to her channel and be a part of this journey.

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