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Divisha Agrawal: A Budding Beauty and Lifestyle Creator

Divisha Agrawal

Lifestyle creators create content that revolves around personal experiences, putting their heart to their content with expertise in areas such as fashion and beauty. One such creator is Divisha Agrawal, a budding beauty and lifestyle creator who is making a name for herself in the content creation space.

Our team at SuperShare sat down with Divisha as she spoke about her journey.

Who is Divisha Agrawal?

I’m a software engineer by profession, and I come from a very small town. I always had an affinity for creating videos. It made me curious about how the content creation process worked. I realized it when I found old videos of me vlogging in my house that I had in me from the very beginning.

In my third year of college, I made my Instagram profile public, which was a big move for me. And then lockdown happened. I realized it’s high time I started posting videos. I handed my phone to my dad, and I was like, “Let’s go into the society building and just shoot a video for me!” That’s how my journey started. It took me 12 days to edit the first video, and it was very horrible. I am not proud of it, but again, it was the first move. That’s how it began.

I then started to consistently put out videos. In November or December 2020, when Instagram reels and YouTube shorts came into the picture, I started posting short videos. It started going viral, and people started liking it. I gained a lot of followers and subscribers this way. I give all my credit to reels & short videos because they gave me a lot of reach.

How does Divisha Agrawal manage her 9–5 job and content creation?

Both of these things are very time-consuming, and I have the same answer to give every time. So if you’re making sure that you’re shooting content on the weekends and editing the videos throughout the week, you’re good. That’s how I schedule my week.

What challenges Divisha Agrawal?

I think time management is a little challenging, and to be honest, shooting in public can be a little overwhelming because people keep looking at you and you get awkward and things like that. So I’m still getting used to that, but otherwise, it’s pretty smooth.

What is your one piece of advice for aspiring creators?

I think I’m still adapting to this particular tip myself. But being consistent has helped me in the past two months. I’ve been consistent on Instagram, and I’ve seen my audience growing already. Keep it real

Divisha Agrawal

Do your fans impact your content?

They do at times. I like to take feedback from them from time to time. Like, what do you want to watch? What kind of videos do you like? What kind of do you like? Pictures? More videos? More long form, short form? I keep taking feedback from my audience on both platforms, and I plan my content based on that.

How is your experience using SuperShare’s tools?

Using SuperBio was pretty interesting, it kind of gave me the ability to curate so many of my videos in one place so beautifully. I think I’m loving it already, plus I get to see all the insights and the number of views and clicks and all of that, which is very helpful to see what’s working and what’s not.

Do you see yourself growing with the creator economy?

Yeah, I mean, it sure is. It has grown drastically over the last ten years, and I see it growing more and more because there are so many aspects to it now. It is going to get bigger from here on, and I would like to be a big part of it. So fingers crossed.

What drives Divisha Agrawal?

It may sound formal and academic, but I believe in helping people because whenever I receive a comment like. “You really helped me a lot by posting this” or “you inspired me” in some way, even a little bit makes me the happiest.

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