“How to make money on YouTube”: A brief guide for content creators

YouTube money

Have you ever wondered about how YouTubers make money? As one of the most popular social media platforms for uploading long-form and short-form content, YouTube is a platform that can help you lead to a hefty sum of money. Our team at SuperShare has identified the 10 popular strategies that can help you make more revenue on YouTube.

The Best ways for creators to make money on YouTube

Join the YouTube Partner Program

The YouTube Partner Program gives creators access to unique resources and monetization features. If you join the Partner program, you can display advertisements on your channel. As viewers watch these advertisements, you will receive a commission. Under this program, you can earn 55% of all revenue from ads.

Monetize your content

If you are good at something, you can create how-to videos, educational guides, and online tutorials to help others learn the skill. In addition to YouTube videos, you can encourage viewers to purchase your expert content from other platforms. You can offer worksheets, workbooks, resource libraries, tutorials, etc. on other platforms and link them on your YouTube channel.

Start affiliate marketing on YouTube

Affiliate marketing is a strategy where you promote products from other brands on your channel. Simply include a link to the desired product in your content and the descriptions, and you will get a commission. Affiliate marketing has two payment models:

  • Commission for every purchase using your link.
  • Commission for every user you direct to link (traffic).

Create sponsored content

Using this revenue ensures you don’t have to ask the question how many views on YouTube to make money? Because brands will sponsor a video where you focus entirely on their product. For this strategy, choose a product related to your niche and create a video that places the product in the center. Sponsors sometimes pay a lump-sum amount based on the views your video gets.

Sell merchandise

Selling merchandise is another great way to create passive income from your YouTube channel. You can sell items of your catchphrases or those inspired by your most popular videos. You can include links and promos in your videos to promote sales and host giveaways or contests to promote your merchandise.

Money on YouTube

Super Thanks, Super Chat, and Super Stickers

You can also encourage your viewers and supports to help you. Viewers can purchase “super thanks” and other super stickers on your Youtube chat to make them stand out. You earn money with every purchase. This feature is a great way to earn money from your loyal viewers. You only need to be 18 years of age and have a monetized channel to start this feature.

Redirect your traffic to Patreon

This is another great answer to how to make money on YouTube. You can encourage your audience to view and subscribe to your Patreon account. Here, you can offer exclusive content that your members will be ready to pay for. One of the biggest advantages of this strategy is that you have complete freedom over membership prices and rates.

Start YouTube Channel membership

Under this strategy, your viewers make monthly payments to join your channel. In turn, you can offer exclusive content and provide members-only perks like emojis, badges, offline views, background play, etc. To earn money via this method, you must provide perks encouraging the viewer to make monthly payments. If viewers feel you do not offer enough content, they may not subscribe again, affecting your income.

Use YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is a secondary source of income from your YouTube content. By joining the Partners Program, you are already monetizing your content based on ads. However, YouTube Premium provides all users with an ad-free experience. But, under the Premium program, you are compensated for this. When a YouTube Premium member watches your content (without ads), you earn money based on how much content they consume.

Learn YouTube SEO

Although YouTube SEO will not directly increase your revenue, it is a great tool to have in your pocket. By optimizing your content, you can ensure your videos are the top-most recommended videos under the category. This will increase traffic and revenue from the videos.

Analytics for greater monetization

Learn more about YouTube monetization here

Money on YouTube is not rocket science

Making money on YouTube is possible through various ways such as ads, sponsorships, and merchandise sales. However, it requires a lot of hard work and dedication to build a loyal audience that is interested in your content. So, be patient and consistent in uploading high-quality videos that resonate with your viewers.

You can learn more such tips, tricks, and strategies with the right expert. SuperShare has tools to maximize your engagement, get your content monetized and maximize your revenue with SuperShare.


How many views on YouTube to make money?

Your YouTube channel can only be monetized if you have accumulated 4,000 watch hours in the past year or 10 million watch hours in the past 90 days. Furthermore, most sponsors and affiliate marketing businesses pay based on your video’s views. Usually, businesses have rates per 1000 views.

How many YouTube subscribers do you need to earn money?

You can only earn money from your YouTube channel if your channel is a part of the YouTube Partner Program. According to the Program Guidelines, you need at least 1,000 subscribers to join the program and monetize your content. After that, you will be billed according to your views and content.

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