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SAAHO YT on How to grow as a YouTuber [+ Free tool for content creators]


BGMI has taken India by storm with its engaging gameplay, realistic graphics, and social features. This cultural phenomenon has brought people from all over the country together. But not just that, it has given a rise to numerous gaming creators to shine and build a community of fans with their talent. One such creator is SAAHO YT, who has managed to create a thriving community with his gaming and skills as a creator.

Our team at SuperShare sat down with him as he spoke his story.

How did SAAHO YT come into being?

Caution: the story I’m going to tell is going to be a very honest one. 3-4 years ago, I had a friend who had no money to buy an iPhone. He took to YouTube, He started making random videos, mostly around crowd work on the streets. So with a variety of content around the streets of his hometown, he finally managed to buy an iPhone. This was really inspiring for me and pushed me to start my own YouTube channel, SAAHO YT. Soon I also bought a new phone for myself.

What challenges SAAHO YT in creating content?

There are many challenges to running your own YouTube channel. But according to me, the most challenging part is maintaining the top chat. It’s tough to maintain a constant audience who are loyal and will always give you consistent or new views.

What is a tip that SAAHO YT has for aspiring creators?

My number one tip for aspiring creators is to be unique. It’s a valuable skill to bring something new to the table.


How important are fans to SAAHO?

My fans to me are THE MOST important part of my content journey. I make a lot of vlogs with them. I also try to host offline events for and with my fans. For example, I’ll just ask a fan to hug me in exchange for a drink. It keeps me in touch with them and makes my relationship with them stronger.

What are your views on the Creator Economy in the Indian context?

It’s all about entertainment. If the audience finds your content entertaining enough, you’re in the right place. Entertainment is the only way your channel will grow, and grow exponentially. I think there’s some big scope for the creator economy in India. 

Does SAAHO use tools for content creation?

Yes, I do. It’s called SuperShare. So I play this game called free fire. Earlier I used to invite people to custom rooms randomly. Now I only give chances to people who have shared my stream more. And this data I can only see on super stream. SuperStreams is a SuperShare product. Now I invite only my loyal fans to the custom games. With SuperShare I can also easily do giveaways. 

SAAHO YT brings a hopeful light to the creator economy and is by no doubt growing to become a massive star, and SuperShare is here to see it.

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