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Say Goodbye to Boring Link in Bio with SuperBio: The Most Beautiful Link-in-Bio


Before SuperBio, link-in-bio services like Linktree offered a convenient solution for promoting multiple links through social media and websites. By giving you the ability to assemble all your links on one page, they made links super accessible to your followers with just one URL.

However, traditional link-in-bios have limitations when it comes to their visual appeal and maximizing clicks. While having all your links in one place is useful, making the page aesthetically pleasing and increasing the likelihood of clicks can lead to better conversion rates.

This is where SuperShare comes in. Our aim is to enhance the traditional link-in-bio concept by creating visually appealing thumbnails and optimizing links for maximum clicks.

With our focus on both functionality and visual appeal, we aim to provide a more effective tool for increasing conversions and reaching your target audience.

Introducing SuperBio

The most beautiful link-in-bio.

Because your fans deserve more than a boring link-in-bio. Curate all your links in one place and optimize them for maximum clicks.


Here is how you can make your brand stand out and visually appealing with SuperBio

Get 50% more clicks than Linktree

Give your fans a breath of fresh air by using inviting thumbnails instead of boring link buttons to click on. Change the thumbnails to whatever you want and make the links more appealing. Adding your own spin adds flavor to the links you wish to promote and gets you 50% more clicks.

A/B test your thumbnails

Boost your link’s engagement with detailed analytics. Optimize thumbnails for maximum views and shares. Test your thumbnails using SuperBio analytics, and get suggestions on how to make your links get more clicks.


Show off your personal brand

Play around with wallpapers and styles to build a look that is uniquely yours. Personalize the experience to suit your brand. This distinguishes you and makes your links more appealing to click on. Match your theme with a custom and unique SuperBio URL.

Send WhatsApp notifications to fans

Create your own private fan network and send WhatsApp messages with link-in-bio updates directly to fans. Keep your fans up to date with regular updates and more. WhatsApp brings a personal feel to the updates.

Make a playlist of your links

Curate all your vlogs, Twitch streams, YouTube videos, podcasts, and Spotify playlists into a single-themed playlist. Make themed folders of your favorite links and let your fans explore your SuperBio.


Create your SuperBio in 5 simple steps:

1: Go to, click on create your SuperBio and login with your Google account.
2: Add your introduction details and preview your SuperBio on the side.
3: Add a new link card, enter a custom title and description& paste your link.
4: Save and preview.
5: Change your link-in-bio on your socials.

And that’s it; now you can access your SuperBio analytics from the SSUP dashboard.

Coming soon…

A leaderboard of SuperFans

Recognize and reward your top fans with SuperBio’s curated leaderboard. Create contests and games with your link-in-bio and keep your fans coming back for more.

Fan-tastic destination

Make your link-in-bio fun for your fans with engaging tasks. Design an experience for your fans to interact with themed and personalized content that makes your brand stand out.


Why SuperBio?

Truth hurts, but the current link in your bio is boring. Give your fans a fresh breath of air with inviting thumbnails instead of boring links to click on.

Can I use SuperBio in my Instagram bio?

SuperBio is versatile. You can copy the SuperBio link and paste it literally anywhere — Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and even email signatures.

How many links can I add to my SuperBio?

You can add as many as you want to your SuperBio.

Can I show my SuperLinks in my SuperBio?

Yes. Add your SuperLinks from your SuperShare dashboard directly to your SuperBio. No need to use any third-party URL shorteners.

More from SuperShare

As cross-platforming grows more and more necessary, creators should utilize their link-in-bio across social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, and more to promote their content. This will help to build a larger, more engaged audience.


The big button for even bigger conversions. Get viewers to take action on things that matter to you.


The easiest way to maximize your live stream engagement. Discover fans who are secretly your biggest fans, one stream at a time.

SuperShare directly works with top creators like Mythpat and Tanmay Bhat to build tools that help them maximize their content engagement.

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