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KAYDEE GAMING: “Give yourself time, understand yourself & focus on your content”


Every content creator begins their journey with a passion that manifests a universe of their own, a community of people thriving around the creator’s content. One such creator is KAYDEE Gaming. Creating a community with his gaming skills on YouTube.

We at SuperShare sat down with KAYDEE GAMING as he spoke his story to inspire a new generation of YouTube creators.

What made you want to start your YouTube channel KAYDEE GAMING?

In my second year of college, the launch of Jio coincided with my newfound obsession with YouTube. I was inspired by the growing popularity of content creators like Bhuvan Bam and Carry Minati. And so, I decided to try my hand at making videos and streaming myself. I started with the game Ball Pool and quickly built a following, mostly from international audiences. During this time, internet accessibility was limited in India and the YouTube craze was just starting to take off with the Jio era. And that’s how KAYDEE GAMING was born, now 5-6 years strong.

What is the most challenging aspect of content creation for KAYDEE GAMING?

The foremost problem is that not every creator’s family supports them. Whatever I’ve done is also without any family support. A supportive family is very important in order to pursue anything. I’m still dealing with this phase. On one side, my family urges me to leave content creation. They want me to get more educated and do a regular, typical job. But now that I’ve invested 5-6 years of my life to KAYDEE GAMING, I don’t want to stop running it. So I will keep at it.

My advice to aspiring creators is that you try to convince your family and keep them by your side.


What’s KAYDEE GAMING’s #1 tip for aspiring creators?

If you want to be a YouTuber, be prepared to not expect any cash flow anytime soon.

Most upcoming and aspiring YouTubers are treating it as a hobby rather than a passion. Most of them just want to do it for their own curiosity. Just for the heck of doing it. So if you want to become a YouTuber, be prepared to not expect any cash flow anytime soon. You’ll need to work hard, give it time, understand yourself better, and focus on your content. After all, people liking your content is imperative to your growth. Bank on your efforts, not luck.

How have fans impacted your life?

Hahahaha not in any WOW moment, but yes I do recall this one anecdote. One fine day, I was eating samosas at a shop in Patna. One of my subscribers who lives within 2-3 km from my place happened to be there. He looked at me and stopped to say ‘Arre KAYDEE bhai aap!’. It was so heartwarming! He was really excited, but of course, I didn’t recognize him. He then went on to tell me that his name is Vishal and he comes on my chat very regularly. I felt very nice that a stranger identifies me.

What equipment do you use to run your KAYDEE GAMING streams?

I used to use stream labs. But now I use OBS because it doesn’t cause any lag. It’s very smooth. One can also stream 2-3 things simultaneously.

What has your SuperShare experience been like?

Overall good, and there’s one thing I really liked in particular. Often people on livestreams want to write in the chat. But sadly they can’t muster up enough courage to actually type anything. But then I used SuperStreams, a product of SuperShare. In SuperStreams, fans can send a private message to the streamer. They can also mark their attendance. I noticed that quite a lot of people had sent me personal messages through SuperStream. This helps me maintain an amicable relationship with my fans.

What are your thoughts on Creator Economy in India?

This is a good question. Given our population, we have a very big audience in India. Hence, the potential to grow is even bigger. So if you focus on your content and its creation, it’s possible to grow exponentially. Take any good creator in India who has actually worked hard. They’re earning fairly well for themselves through content creation.

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