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Prajakta Gaming: The story of a consistent and disciplined content creator

Prajakta Gaming

Live streamers in gaming are content creators who stream their gameplay live on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. They are known for their ability to build communities around their channels. Many gaming live streamers have gained large followings and have turned their hobby into a full-time career through sponsorships and donations from their viewers. One such creator is Prajakta Gaming.

Our team at SuperShare sat down with Prajakta to spotlight her story as a Streamer on YouTube.

How did Prajakta Gaming get started?

I’ve been using YouTube for 2-3 years now. I used to do reaction videos. But I wasn’t having fun. So I started doing gaming content. And that’s what I’m currently at. That’s what Prajakta Gaming is all about.

What made Prajakta want to be a gamer?

I was already a casual gamer and I used to enjoy it. But gaming for me became a huge addiction during the lockdown. I used to (still do) play BGMI, Among us, Stumble guys, etc. All these are good games that I play on my channel Prajakta Gaming.

What challenges Prajakta Gaming?

Everyone says that being consistent is important and I can validate that advice; coming from personal experience. Secondly, the setup and the quality of the content also matter a lot. But remember content is paramount.

What is your un-missable tip for aspiring creators?

As I said before, consistency is paramount. That is what I have followed for Prajakta Gaming as well.

Prajakta Gaming

How do you interact with your close fans?

There are 5-6 highly regular people on my stream. I have formed a special friendship with this group of people. We meet off stream as well! we meet on platforms like discord where we hang out and listen to music.

Which content creator inspires Prajakta Gaming the most?

My peers’ Payal gaming and Thug gamer’s content really inspire me, they drive me to be better with each video they put out.

How does Prajakta Gaming use SuperShare tools?

It’s impossible for me to read every message in the chat- and viewers feel upset when I don’t. It’s important for viewers to recall Prajakta Gaming in a friendly light. SuperShare helps me bridge that gap. It has helped me build an interpersonal relationships with many of my fans. By incentivizing them with reward points, they’re able to send me personal messages knowing that they will be read by me.

As live-streaming grows into a behemoth of an opportunity to grow as a creator. Streamers like Prajakta a woman in the gaming and streaming space become an important part of this creator ecosystem, and to see creators like her grow is inspiring. Subscribe to her channel and join her journey as she grows as a creator.

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