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The Future of Live Streaming is Here: Bring Your Streams to Life with SuperStreams


Live streams are an immersive experience that allows content creators to engage with the audience in real time and develop a sense of community.

However, live streaming also presents the difficult challenge of optimizing engagement and maintaining viewer interest for long periods of time.

Viewers can stumble and show up anytime during a live stream; it’s difficult to retain these audiences further.

We at SuperShare set out to change just that.

Introducing SuperStreams

The easiest way to maximize your live stream retention

Here is how you can leverage SuperStreams to keep your viewers coming back for more!

Engage your live stream audience effortlessly

SuperStream’s attendance puts you at ease so you can focus on your content. With NightBot, automate SuperStreams and keep better track of viewership. Use attendance to track your live stream engagement and incentivize new viewers to keep coming back for more. Strategize how best to attract viewers and use SuperStream to streamline it with ease.

Recognize your silent loyal fans

One of the most important aspects of live stream engagement optimization is to identify and monitor the most loyal viewers. SuperStream helps you recognize the viewers who actively engage with the streamer and take part in discussions, promote content, visit the streamer’s page regularly, and generally form the backbone of the viewership. These viewers are secretly your biggest champions. Access these fans right from the SuperShare dashboard.

Run contests and giveaways

Giveaways and contests are a great way to cultivate a sense of community and reward viewers for their loyalty. It can also drive more promotions, such as offering viewers a chance to win exclusive products or discounts. Set goals for each stream, create polls, offer live Q&A sessions, and more. SuperStream identifies fans who attend streams consistently, so you can reward them anytime from the dashboard.

Build a private Live stream network of viewers

Break free from YouTube’s algorithm, create your private network of your viewers, and notify fans when you go live, directly to their emails. Access your database of viewers from the dashboard and create your personal circle to launch new content, merch, or brand deals.

We often get asked — “Will I see a noticeable difference in live stream engagement with SuperStreams?”

SuperStreams gets users an average of 35% more active viewers on your daily streams.

Activate SuperStreams in 5 simple steps

  1. Get to the link below and click on “add to the stream”.
  2. Log in with your Google account.
  3. Click on “Generate SuperStreams” by pasting your live stream link.
  4. Automate with NightBot.
  5. Pin the link on your stream and get viewers to mark their attendance.

And that’s it; you can now access your viewers live from the SuperStreams dashboard.

How it works for your viewers

Viewers can mark their attendance and send you a special message that you can access from the SuperStream dashboard.

How creators use SuperStreams

CaspeR Gaming
CaspeR increased her active viewership and retention over the course of 3 streams by over 45%. With just a simple comment like

“Mark your attendance using this link to get a chance to win a battle pass”

She also encouraged viewers to mark their attendance via a pinned comment in the live chat.


Mechanical Pandey
With SuperStreams, Mechanical Pandey now sends exclusive merch updates directly to his top fans.

Over 1500+ viewers signed up for the exclusive merch launch. He also boosted live stream views due to new attendance loyalty. He targeted all his fans via personalized emails and maximized his revenue.


Vibhor Varshney
Using SuperStreams, Vibhor encouraged viewers to mark attendance, and his pinned comment in the live chat received over 35% more active viewers over the course of the stream by using a simple message.

“Mark your attendance using this link to get a chance to win rewards for being a part of weekly & monthly leaderboards”



How to track stream viewers?

SuperStream’s dashboard presents you with the analytics of the viewers who’ve marked attendance in your stream, you can incentivize the viewers to keep coming back for more by recognizing fans who come to your streams regularly with shoutouts and rewards

How to run contests and giveaways on youtube?

Optimize the live streaming experience for your viewers by offering interactive features such as polls, live Q&A sessions, and more using SuperStream. Set live stream goals. Give your challenge to the viewers in a simple pinned comment and make new streaming records.

How to increase live stream engagement?

Get SuperStreams, that’s it!

SuperStream features help drive engagement and empower streamers to create a more tailored experience for viewers.

From entertaining “variety” streamers to education and finance streamers, SuperStream helps increase retention effortlessly.

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SuperShare is the destination for creators to boost content growth with powerful tools and for fans to connect with creators on the ssup app.

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