50 YouTube membership ideas for you to maximize your channel revenue

YouTube membership perks

Since its launch in 2005, Youtube has become one of the fastest-growing content platforms. Today, Youtube is home to over 50 million creators worldwide. This also means that as a Youtube creator, you have to stand out and find new ways to monetize your content. To help you achieve this goal, in 2018 Youtube rolled out the Youtube Membership badge, allowing subscribers to monetize support financially support your content and get exclusivity. So here are 50 Youtube membership ideas that you can provide to your loyal viewers!

Here are some YouTube membership ideas & perks to make your channel stand out

Loyalty badges, chat & emojis

  1. The biggest Youtube membership perk is that you can create a unique loyalty badge and provide it to your most loyal subscribers.
  2. You can create a range of badges and provide those to your viewers after they reach specific milestones. For example, “longest subscriber”, “most comments,” etc.
  3. Create and customize a unique emoji (or even a line of emojis) that only your loyal audience gets to use when viewing your videos.
  4. You don’t need to create only one membership plan for your audience. Instead, you can create multiple plans with multiple prices and offerings.
  5. Create a members-only live chat that allows you to directly interact when you go live!

Premium exclusivity

  1. One of the perks of Youtube premium is that you can create a member-recognition shelf where you thank your most loyal viewers.
  2. Upload behind-the-scene videos of your most popular content and include never-seen-before shots.
  3. The best Youtube membership perk is that you can sell exclusive items first to subscribing members.
  4. Start one-on-one with a viewer or loyal follower and help them. You can provide this Youtube premium perk to encourage your viewers to join the membership.
  5. Address the ideas in your comments in members-only videos. This encourages your viewers to join and get answers to their questions.
  6. You can host giveaways of new merchandise only for members.
  7. Going live is an excellent marketing strategy. However, not all your users may be available; therefore, upload your lives as videos only for exclusive users!
YouTube membership perks

Content strategy ideas with YouTube Memberships

  • A perk of Youtube memberships is having access to a wide variety of channels. Therefore, you can stand out by creating step-by-step guides.
  • If you run a cooking channel, one Youtube membership idea is to provide cooking lists and shopping lists for your recipes.
  • You can provide early access to pre-upload content. Under this strategy, first, you monetize the content and then after a predetermined amount of time (usually 6-8 months), make it available to the general public.
  • You can provide early access by getting the members involved in your brainstorming session.
  • Give access to custom worksheets and workbooks. This is especially helpful if you teach a skill, language, etc.
  • You can upload demo projects or mini-projects before uploading the actual content.
  • You can create video transcripts of your content and provide them to members only.
Vanoss Gaming YouTube membership perks ideas

Collaboration ideas with YouTube Membership

  1. One unique Youtube membership perks idea is inviting a celebrity or an expert in the field. This exclusive content will encourage people to sign up.
  2. If you know a skill that is unique in your field, you can impart the knowledge via membership content.
  3. You can provide a hamper to the members for signing up for your channel.
  4. Give gift cards for selective and popular products to encourage engagement.
  5. Upload extra episodes of your story or series and encourage viewers to become members to gain access.
  6. Create online courses for your loyal viewers and encourage them to sign-up.
  7. Upload interviews with each member of your cast & crew, giving your viewers an insight into your business.

Creating communities

  • You can provide content libraries that have an extensive list of unique resources.
  • Create private communities where like-minded members can connect and provide access to members.
  • You can provide early-access tickets if you are hosting a physical event.
  • Give away a unique discount code for all your merchandise that only subscribers can use. This can help you increase your sales.
  • You can provide the “download option” where only subscribing members can save your videos.
  • If you are a storyteller, upload alternate endings of your stories for members.
  • Storytellers can also upload short videos of events mentioned in the actual story but not shown.
  • Create high-quality wallpapers, digital art, images, etc., and give them to your loyal audience.

You can provide downloadable PDFs, ebooks, and other newsletters that keep your audience updated on the on-goings.

Building deeper connections

  1. Create a private community on other platforms that users can only access after they have subscribed to your channel.
  2. Upload personal videos that provide more details about you and your background.
  3. Create updates where you provide members with an insight into your personal life and/or the project you are working on.
  4. Give access to ad-free videos. This might incur some costs on your end, but these types of youtube membership ideas will encourage your viewers to sign up for ad-free videos.
  5. You can also provide discounts on Youtube memberships to loyal members.
  6. You don’t need to stick to one niche! You can branch out and create content about other related topics.
Markiplier's Youtube membership perks

Engage audiences better

  • Hold exclusive live streams available only to Youtube Premium members.
  • Host polls on your next content that only members can vote on. This will help you identify your market better and create more targeted content.
  • Customise emails and update notifications for your channel members so they get immediate notifications every time you upload new content.
  • If you are a gamer who live streams their content, you can upload solutions, tricks, and tips to solve the hard levels.
  • Provide background play videos of your content to subscribers.
  • Give your subscribers a weekly (or monthly) list of your favorite content from other similar channels. This involves a little cross-promotion but is a great way to increase engagement.
  • Provide audio-only videos — This is especially beneficial for visually impaired members who might be interested in your content!
  • Create an entire VIP experience for your subscribers by including multiple perks listed from the list above!

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Last Words

A Youtube membership badge is the next step in monetizing your content and increasing your revenue from Youtube content creation. As highlighted in this article, there are various perks of Youtube premium that you should take advantage of as a creator. If you’re ready to grow but unsure of where to begin, reach out to an expert that can help. SuperShare helps Youtube content creators improve their engagement, and audience interaction and maximize their shares using powerful tools. Reach out SuperShare’s expert today to learn more.


Should I still create free content alongside Youtube Membership content?

Yes, you should create free content for your Youtube channel along with content for your members. This will help you to convert the new audience into members.

Can Youtube channels for kids get the Youtube membership badge?

No, channels with content “set to kids” cannot get a Youtube Membership badge.

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