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YouTube Shorts Vs Instagram Reels – Which One is Better For Creators?

Content creator chooses platform

Short-form verticle videos are any videos between 15-60 seconds long and they have become the easiest way to grow on any platform. These videos got a huge boost with the launch of TikTok, it became clear that short-form videos will take the world by storm, but TikTok’s popularity also caused its demise in countries like India as governments banned it from the play store due to privacy concerns. Instagram Reels followed soon after, and its rise in popularity was almost instant because the audience was already on their platform. With creators already making content for Instagram, it felt only natural for them to continue sharing small videos on that platform. YouTube Shorts followed later with only a few differences in their formats. Today, YouTube Shorts & Instagram Reels are two aggressively competing social media platforms.

Let’s uncover which one, in particular, is better for creators.

For any creator, short-form verticle videos are a handy tool to get more views. Analyzing YouTube Shorts & Instagram Reels’ competition will help you to choose the best platform as a creator as well as understand the monetization process for short videos.

YouTube shorts vs Instagram reels

How do reels & shorts stand against each other?

The main features of YouTube Shorts and Reels on Instagram are as follows:

Instagram ReelsYouTube Shorts
Monthly Active Users2 Billion2 Billion
Target Demographic18-34 years18-49 years
Internet search Ranking6th2nd
Max. Video Length90s60s
Content creator chooses YouTube Shorts over Instagram Reels

How do YouTube shorts & Instagram reels function?

Let us examine the functions of YouTube & Instagram before learning the pros and cons of each platform.

Use of the platforms

Instagram reels are meant for creators who make videos for fun and entertainment. YouTube Shorts can be used by people who want to work in the creator industry. However, if you are a fresher in the creator industry, you should start with making Reels on Instagram and then move on to YouTube Shorts Reels.

Length of videos on the platform

Reels on Instagram can be up to 90 seconds.YouTube Shorts creators can make videos of up to 60 seconds.

Duration of videos on the platform

Instagram Reels stay on the platform for twenty-four hours only. YouTube Shorts stay permanently on the platform.


As a creator, you can sign up for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) for your YouTube shorts monetization. This will come into effect from 1st February 2023. You can monetize your Instagram Reels through Instagram Reels Play. This is an invite-only bonus program. It lets you earn money on your Reels content.

Opportunities for growth

You can promote Instagram Reels through YouTube but not the other way around. Instagram limits you to post one link for promotion at one time. Therefore, you should learn how to make YouTube Shorts grow as a content creator.

Engagement and interaction of the platforms

Reels On Instagram can give you good engagement if you already have a high follower base. Your Instagram Reels can also be easily promoted through Facebook for a wider reach. YouTube Shorts are currently only available in India and the United States. This makes their reach and engagement limited to these markets.

Instagram Reels vs YouTube shorts in reaching audience

YouTube Shorts vs Instagram Reels – The Pros and cons

SuperShare has put together the following pros and cons of Shorts & Reels to help you as a creator.

Reels on Instagram – Pros

  • Instagram has been a very popular app since it was released in 2010.
  • Reels on Instagram allow product links to push sales. 
  • You can use your existing Instagram followers for Instagram Reels. You do not need to create a new followers list.
  • If you make your Instagram Reels visible on the Explore page, you can get new audiences for your Instagram account.

Reels on Instagram – Cons

  • Reels offer you limited analytics options compared to other short-form video platforms.
  • Reels let you post videos of up to 90 seconds (up from 15 seconds at launch). But it is still lesser than other short-form video platforms.
  • Reels do not give you the same level of audience engagement as the general Instagram platform
  • Reels are harder to monetize, learn more here.

YouTube Shorts Reels – Pros

  • Shorts offer you a higher reach than other short-form video platforms.
  • YouTube Shorts creators can help you reach more types of customers or audiences compared to other platforms. This makes it a better option for marketing.
  • Shorts monetization is better because it ranks #2 in search engines.
  • As a YouTube Shorts Creator, you can widen your viewership by adding YouTube Shorts to your existing YouTube account.

YouTube Shorts Reels – Cons

  • Shorts offer the shortest video length – only up to 60 seconds.
  • Shorts have limited analytics options.
  • YouTube Shorts do not necessarily have the same audience engagement and reach as your general YouTube videos.
The choice of content platforms

YouTube Shorts Vs Instagram Reels – which one do we recommend?

Instagram Reels are a good choice if you, as a creator, want a wider reach in terms of user base and demographics. However, analytics are limited on Reels for Instagram.

YouTube Shorts offer you the widest reach of all short-form video platforms. However, it has limitations regarding product link posting, analytics, and video length.

Use creator tools from recognized sources to build compelling content to make the maximum viral Instagram reels and YouTube Shorts. Visit SuperShare to power your content growth and engage with versatile tools such as Superlinks, Superstreams, and SuperBio.


How long reels can you make on Instagram?

You can make videos of up to 90 seconds.

How long can you make YouTube Shorts Reels?

You can make videos of up to 60 seconds.

Can you add links on Instagram Reels?

Yes, you can add links to your Instagram Reels.

Can you add links on YouTube Shorts?

No, you cannot add links to your YouTube Shorts.

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