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Big button to drive goals

See upto 10X increased conversion on your goals whenever you share SuperLinks instead of old boring Youtube links

Custom Actions

Decide what your viewers see. Update your CTA based on your goals - promote a brand, increase affiliate sales.

Distraction-free Experience

Allow viewers to watch your videos without any distractions, putting more emphasis on things that matter to you - all wrapped in a single button

Branded Links

Flaunt your brand name in your links. Build brand recognition & trust by displaying your brand each time others share your content.

Actionable Analytics

Analyse and track metrics across platforms where you share; optimise your content promotion strategies.

Sid Warrier

"I am excited to be one of the first creators to use SuperShare for sharing my YouTube content. This collaboration has helped me achieve 30% additional uplift in subscribers & reach out to an entirely new audience via my fans".

Iqlipse Nova

"I love sharing my links as SuperLinks. The big button helps me drive any goals that I want and improve my income. So excited to hear about the new products coming up, really excited to use them and share content".

Yash TV

"Since using SuperLinks, I can clearly see a 5 times increase in conversions for any link that I want to distribute. The wrapper product, lets you embed any links with a Youtube video and I don’t need to rely on old-boring Video in description to share my affiliate links".

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What are the charges to create SuperLinks?
This is free for YouTubers. We only need you to login so that we can give you the best experience.
Can I create SuperLinks for videos on other platform like Instagram?
Currently we are providing SuperLinks only for YouTube but stay tuned, we are soon adding more platforms.
Is there any limit on the number of links that can be created?
No, there is no limit on the number of links that can be created.
Do I need to create a separate link for each channel like Discord, Telegram, etc?
One SuperLink works across all the platforms for sharing & amplifying your content, hence achieving your goals.
Where can I see the analytics for this video?
You will have to sign in to SuperShare to view the analytics for the video shared.
Are there any other cool products like this?
Yes, our goal is to make creator’s connections with viewers stronger than ever. You can sign up for the early access by filling this form - Sign up