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What is Supershare
SuperShare is a tool for you to grow and reward fans that share your content. Simply ask them to share via SuperShare, and automatically have a relationship with them from here on.
Why is this awesome?

Increase shares at 0 cost

A single community just to reward your sharers

Works across all platforms

Doesn’t matter if it’s YouTube, IG, or anything else. If you have a URL, we can track it.

Visibility over private shares

Shares drive vitality by penetrating private chat. We help you unlock spread in private chat for the first time.
What can YOU do?

Set a goal

Want more shares in first hour of launch? Or want as many shares for the video? Whatever you value, we’ll help you set as a community goal.

Run incentivized Giveaways

Don’t give away stuff randomly even. Use SuperShare to award it to the right fan!

Grow a community of top promoters

Every time someone shares your content, you’ll have access to them!

SuperShare Creator Partner

SuperShare is our step towards supporting and equipping emerging creators. Our platform allows creators to nurture deeper connections with their audience and convert them to lifetime fans.
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Frequently asked questions

Are there any charges?
No. Supershare is a free platform for creators.
Why is SuperShare helping creators?
We are building a sharing-centric community and believe in investing in creators like you. Partnering with creators allows us to bridge the gap between the creator & the fan without the need of charging a platform fee.
How do I become a Partner?
You can drop an email to us at

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Experience the hype yourself and be a part of our journey as we grow & reward people for sharing.

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