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What is SuperShare?

Shares that earn rewards

Ever heard of winning rewards for sharing content with friends? SuperShare does just that and more!

Stats for every share

Manage all your shares and track the stats irrespective of the platform it was shared on.

Earn SuperShare Points

Earn points that can be redeemed against rewards

Real Rewards. No Gimmicks

The rewards are as real as they can ever get. We have easy to earn rewards, jackpot rewards, rewards from your favourite creators & brands.

All your shares in a single view

Can't find that hilarious meme you shared last week? 

When you share via SuperShare, we automatically give you a convenient way to view your past shares! No matter what you share, and which app you shared it to, your favourite content is always catalogued on SuperShare.

Why SuperShare you ask?

When a video goes viral, 1000+ sharers contribute to its success. Yet there’s no way for you as a sharer to be recognized for making it go viral.

SuperShare allows creators & brands to recognise and reward your contribution.

Rewards for everyone

Yes. You need not have a million followers to win a reward.

If you’re sharing a lot of awesome content with a bunch of people, we think it’s only fair that you actually get rewarded for it! We’re excited to offer you a host of rewards.

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Rewards Partner
Always wanted to keep a track of things I share over different platforms and Supershare does the job. This gives me an insight of how well the links that I shared and the rewards are really great which is a plus.
Gourvi Singh
I love the idea of this app 😍
It makes something as easy as sharing rewardable. Easy to use and good rewards.
I always wanted to know how many of my friends actually watch the things I share and then reshare it, then supershare happened and I must say the stats screen looks great and to top it all with rewards
Satyam Singh Pal
I get rewards for the content that I already share plus can see profile of my share catalogue.
I love how each time I share something I earn points, supershare has made sharing more exciting for me with rewards 👍
Vanshika Rajpoot
This app is excellent. Very User friendly and Seamless experience plus it is easy to earn points.
I got nykaa gift voucher in just a few days!

Coming Soon to iOS

We are currently working on bringing Supershare to your iPhone. Want an invite when we are ready?

Sharing has never been this rewarding

Early users get exclusive rewards. Don't wait for the world to start using SuperShare and miss out on being an early bird.

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